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Rob Westbrook

Church Visit – Nov 18 2007

November 19, 2007, by Rob, category blog

This morning several LifePointe Church guys and gals traveled to Hatley, about a 10 minute drive for all of us. We we headed for Grace Fellowship Baptist Church. The week prior Grace had voted to adopt LifePointe Church and be our sponsoring church. So we were going there excited to see our friends there and thank them for their stepping up for us. We did get to see and thank them. But something greater happened than that.

God showed up.

The worship service began with the worship of hundreds of voices praising their Lord. Grace has a small band: guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. The band is great, and not overpowering the voices. Probably 20 or so people are in their nontraditional choir, and each person has a mike. Even as the songs were sung and the Lord worshipped, people were filling the altar area at the front of the stage. And even cooler, most of those at the altar were teenagers, 10 or 20. They would gather in groups and pray during the song service. Very cool, very awesome, and very moving.

There was a testimony from a man who I gathered was a young Christian. He shared how he started using text messaging to send out Scripture to his contact list; some believers, others not. One contact was not who he thought it was but it was a God thing and God used those text messages to minister to a woman who had not maintained a relationship with the Lord and whose mother was dying. It was a powerful testimony given by a humble believer. It moved Teresa to tears.

Danny Carl Burks, pastor of Grace Fellowship delivered a message from Psalm 147 concerning thanksgiving. It was a great message and one I definitely needed to hear. Bro. Danny can preach the Word.

At the end of the service they had a time of invitation and the altar was filled again. Danny Carl talked to two couples whom we found out later were either coming back into the church fold or joining the church for the first time.

It was hard for me to leave because of all the people I knew there and wanted to talk to. Since I finished high school in Hatley, there were many there I knew. I’d like to give some shoutouts to Loretta Earwood, Melissa Hathcock, Tim Pickle, the Price sisters, Dianna Jernigan, Bob Angle, Scott Carter, and many others who went out of their way to make the LifePointe Group welcome. They even invited us to Thanksgiving Dinner that night, but my family and I couldn’t go.

Our excitement was as high leaving as it was going in. I am excited about how God might use our partnership with Grace Fellowship. They are where we want to be at some point in the future. God, give us the grace, the wisdom, the knowledge, and the leadership to bring LifePointe up to the standard of Grace Fellowship Church.

So, what do you think ?


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