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Rob Westbrook

LifePointe Manifesto Minor

November 7, 2007, by Rob, category blog

As in any small town, there aren’t many things said that the whole town doesn’t eventually hear. For those of you who just can’t figure out LifePointe or why we even need LifePointe, let me put you at ease. We’re not trying to build Rob’s Kingdom, we’re faithfully working to build God’s Kingdom. You don’t have to hide your women and children, we’re looking for those women and children (and men) who are not associated with any local church. We’re here to work in the fields white for harvest. We also want to join you in the fields. And if you’re not there, we’re going to keep working those fields anyway.

The purpose, the mission, the reason for LifePointe’s existence is “to bring glory to God by making disciples of Jesus Christ who impact their community and their world.” So here’s the “secret plan” of LifePointe Church revealed for all the world to see. We want to bring glory to God. God deserves every single ounce of glory we can give Him because of who He is: GOD. We want that glory to come to Him as we follow Him and obey His Word, which tells us to make disciples. Everytime someone trusts in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and becomes a follower, an apprentice, a disciple, of Jesus Christ, God is glorified through their live and testimony. When people becomes an apprentice of Jesus Christ, they will impact those around them. You get enough Jesus followers impacting those around them and pretty soon you have community impacted for Jesus. You get those impactors into the mission fields of the area, country, and world, and they’re going to leave a dent there, too. And when we’re impacting those we come in contact with, we’re impacting them with the love and life of Jesus Christ. And all the glory returns to the Father, where it solely should be.

That’s who God has called the people who will make up LifePointe Church to be. The people of LifePointe may look different, may sing differently, may have services that don’t favor the ones you’re used to, may not meet in a traditional church setting, may not dress like you’re used to, but I can tell you one thing, what we’re doing, we’re doing in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to bring glory to the Father.


So, what do you think ?


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