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Rob Westbrook

God Loves Good Ol’ Local Boys

October 5, 2007, by Rob, category blog

As you scroll down this page, you should notice a small box on the right of the page, with the title “Links”. These are links to other blogs that mean quite a bit to me and I’d like to tell you why. The first link, of course, leads to the official LifePointe Church website. The second link reads “Byron James: HCC For the World.” Byron is one of my good friends who is the pastor of a new church plant in Atoka, TN, north of Memphis. Byron and I worked together at Cooper Tire a looooooong time ago. He was a member of Cason Baptist Church here in Monroe County when God called him into ministry. God’s using this good ol’ local boy to build His kingdom in the Memphis, TN region.

The next link says “Terry Ledbetter: Pastor T’s Blog. Terry is the church planter and pastor of a new church in the Tupelo/Saltillo area: Northstar. Terry is originally from Amory and was a member of First Baptist Church, Amory, when God called him to his unique ministry. God’s is using this good ol’ local boy to build His kingdom in the Tupelo, MS region.

The last link reads “Devin Hudson: graceisthepoint. Devin, along with his brothers, Dale and Derrick, are all in Las Vegas, Nevada, serving God there. Devin is the church planter for Grace Point Church, where Derrick also serves. Dale is in another church in Vegas. All three are the sons of Van Dale, a local evangelist, and his wife, Sandy Hudson. The couple also owns Hudson’s Bible and Book Store in Amory, MS. God is using these good ol’ local boys to build His kingdom in the Las Vegas, NV region.

When you think about it, where does the small town of Amory, MS really fit into the much larger and broader global context? How many people outside of northeast Mississippi actually know that Monroe County even exists? There doesn’t seem that Amory would have that much to offer the world. But, by the power of Jesus Christ in the hearts of His people, Amory and Monroe County has direct influence in the lives and eternities of potentially tens of thousands of people across the country and around the world. It’s amazing to watch and see God do what only He can do.

God loves good ol’ local boys who are sold out to Him. He’s not through. He’s still scanning the area, looking for guys and gals whose hearts and lives are sold out to Him. God loves good ol’ local boys and uses them to expand His kingdom. Have you felt the tug? Could He be looking at you?

So, what do you think ?


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