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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

The Walls Come Down

September 29, 2007, by Rob, category blog

The renovation begins on the LifePointe Church building by tearing down the walls! Today we had a lot of enthusiastic guys and gals show up to tear up stuff. We took down a wall and tore up some floor. At some point in the building’s past it was a gym and aerobics studio. What was the aerobics room had a raised floor, stepping up a couple of inches from the surrounding floor. It came up, along with what seemed like 1000 yards of very old and worn carpet. At another point in the building’s past it was an auto parts store, which had installed a wall across the entire width of the building. It came down and now we have one big space to carve out our worship center and lobby. It was a great (have I used that word before?) day.

The day was symbolic of what LifePointe Church is all about, tearing down walls that keep people from a relationship with Jesus Christ. And, as enthusiastic as the guys were today about the tearing down the walls, I know in their hearts they are more excited about tearing down the spiritual, cultural, and legalistic walls that keep people from Jesus.

Way to go, guys. We’re just getting started on this tearing down thing.

So, what do you think ?


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