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Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Rob Westbrook

Dream Session Recap

September 14, 2007, by Rob, category blog

What a great time! Thank you for being there, if you were there.

As the time approached, I was beginning to think that maybe the rain and weather associated with the Tropical Storm might keep everyone at home. But that definitely was not the case. We had a wonderful time of sharing our God-given vision of what LifePointe Church will be. I believe it was well received. There were good questions asked. There was just great conversation. I think everybody got in on the action.

This was the first time in quite a while that I felt something positive concerning LifePointe Church. There have been times recently when I would pray and ask God if I was just crazy. There have been times when it seemed the movement toward this church actually launching was non-existent. That all changed tonight. With a shower of God’s grace, this church found some roots tonight.

Look out Amory! Look out Monroe County. God is about to unleash a church so full of love and mercy and grace and servants that things will never be the same around here. Don’t you want to be a part of God’s Great Adventure with us? Click “Contact Rob” above and let me know. We’re looking for you. God is stirring your heart. He’s moving you. Let him move you toward joining with us in what He’s doing with LifePointe.

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  1. Beth Schmoock |

    I hate I missed it…. maybe i can catch the next meeting. Also… remember i still don’t get the emails for some reason… you will have to email me directly or i won’t know about it.


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