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Rob Westbrook

Daytona Wow!

July 8, 2007, by Rob, category blog

What a finish! .005 seconds win for Jamie McMurray. It was not the typical restrictor plate racing of the past, but is was good racing. If anybody deserved to win, it was Jamie. He had won his first race in only his second try. Took 162 more until he got his next one. That’s perseverance.

The Bible talks alot about perseverance, lasting, holding out, staying true when everybody else says “You’re crazy!”, standing when you should be falling. Abraham knew about perseverance. Moses knew about perseverance. Paul and Peter knew about perseverance. And of course, Jesus Christ knew perseverance.

I’m learning about perseverance. Perseverance comes from faith. It comes from knowing that you trust somebody so much that you will hold out, stay strong, even when some are saying “It won’t happen. You’re crazy. Go find a normal church to preach at if you’re even called to preach at all.”

Perseverance comes from faith. But that faith has to be in someone that has no trouble coming through. And that someone has to be someone that you can take at their word. I think I’ve found a place for my faith to rest. God has called me to Amory to start LifePointe Church. He will have no trouble doing what He sets His mind to do. He will always be true to is Word.

God has called, God is working, and God has a plan for LifePointe Church. I believe that. I faith that. So I keep going. I keep talking. I keep seeing the vision God has given for LifePointe.

Perseverance cames from faith. I keep pressing on, knowing that what God has determined to do with me, our launch team, and our community will happen. Perseverence, hanging on, trusting, until God comes through with what He has said He will do.

So, what do you think ?


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