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Rob Westbrook

My New Prayer Journal

June 22, 2007, by Rob, category blog

I’ve never been one to keep a journal. I’ve heard the positives about keeping a journal, but I just never tried to get one going. But that’s changed recently. There’s a book I’m reading about prayer which encourages pin-point  (meaning very specific) prayers and BHAPs (Big Hairy Audacious Prayers). Knowing that prayer plays an infinitely important role in the life of a Christ-follower, and convinced by this book, I decided on June 19 to start keeping a prayer journal. And I went with the pin-points and BHAPs.

Now I’m not going to share with you (at least, not right now) all that is in my Prayer Journal, but I will give you some insight into it. Each prayer is only one to two lines long. They are of very specific nature. They’re not like “please watch over us”, “please cover us with your grace as we seek to discover your perfect will for our lives in the church,” etc. No, I got much more specific. Something like this: “Father, I pray that you will lead (First Name Last Name) and his/her family to join our team at LifePointe and become key leaders in LifePointe.” I have quite a few like this, with the names actually there. For some of you, I’m praying specifically that God will lead YOU to join our team at LifePointe and become a key leader here. That’s right! I’m calling you out by name before the God who says ask, seek, knock.

There are many other prayers in my journal, concerning my family, the church, our community, and myself. Again, there all one or two lines long, very specific, and big hairy, and audacious.

I will turn back a page and reveal one of these pin-point, big, hairy, and audacious prayers I’m praying right now. I’m praying this believing God has asked us to pray and has told us He will give us the desires of our heart. So here’s that prayer: Lord, I pray that 5 years from now, from June 20, 2007 (the day I wrote it in my journal) to June 20, 2012, we will have a church of 1,000 people active in transforming our community. That’s pin-point, and it’s certainly audacious. But that’s what I’m praying for.

By the way, I did tell you I first wrote in my journal on June 19. The next day God began the process of answering two of those prayers. Today, He brought another potential answer into my life from way out in left field. I didn’t even see it coming from that direction. But it’s great.

There’s no magic in my prayer journal. There are just my written prayers. But those prayers are directed to the Lord of all creation, the Lord who sits on His soveriegn throne, the Lord who is Lord of all things, the Lord who can do all things. And they’re backed by me with a little mustard grain seed of faith.

I suspect a lot of you who live locally will soon be on the LifePointe team. I’m praying for it, God has already proved He’ll answer, and I believe you are the type that follows God. I can’t wait for June 20, 2012, when you and I stand in amazement as we see 1,000 people from LifePointe Church sweeping across our community and county, reflecting Jesus to everyone they meet.

Got a question, want to help me pray?

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